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Union Smart Technology

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for innovative software development and professional IT consulting.
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UST team offers IT consulting services, flexible scalable teams, and exceptional expertise to help your business grow competitive and agile in a fast-paced digital world. You take care of the company — we take care of its tech.

Digital product engineering

Transform daily experience into business value with customized software products by UST
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Talent solution

Use the power of the tech industry’s trusted experts to unlock the full potential of your company
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Think bigger with UST

Our craftsmen team turns bright concepts into
exceptional tech products to empower your business.

Quality Excellence

We stand for the high standards of our services.
Only the best-vetted tech professionals on the team, only the top-quality development experience.

Mindful Approach

We strive for smart solutions rather than flamboyant ones. Our team is unafraid to go the extra mile to find the perfect fit for your case, be it bleeding-edge tech or your familiar framework.

On-demand Support

You never face complications alone. Our experts will be at your side throughout every stage of your project: from initial consultation to final launch and first results.


Agile in mind, agile in work. Our teams advocate efficient processes and communication to enable change implementation at any stage to deliver the best product client asks for.

Release your potential

Are you eager to grow? At UST, we love engineering work with all our hearts and are always looking for a new challenge — to the work-life balance extent, of course! Join our team to discover new horizons in the IT field and explore terra incognita with master teammates by your side.

Your perfect partner in tech. Focus on what matters
most while we work on ultimate IT solutions for
your business to profit.

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